About Me

I'm a full-stack developer and UX designer available for work.

I started developing websites professionally in 1998. Back then the web was brand new. Website layouts were bolted down in HTML tables and liberal use of flashing gif animations was the norm. CEOs and business owners needed to be told why a website was a necessity and not a fad.

Nowadays the web is ubiquitous. It's available from your phone as well as a plethora of online devices. Technology is moving faster than ever. As a developer you're constantly learning in order to keep up with the latest tools and languages. Those who cannot continue to learn will have short careers!

In 2008 I founded 8th Lane Interactive, a consultancy designed to bring the highest level of service to my clients. Over the past 10 years we’ve built dozens of web & mobile apps, developed custom software for existing businesses, and helped launch several successful startups. Unlike my competitors I work directly with my clients in short feedback loops in order to make sure they’re getting exactly what they need.

When I'm not working I also paint, practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, lift, and am a husband and father of three. My podcast feed consists of Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, RadioLab, Fatman on Batman & Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. I live and work from home out of Miami, FL.

Feel free to reach out using any of the contact options listed below.


Over 20 years designing and developing apps


Single Page Responsive Apps
eCommerce Systems
Sales Funnels


iOS & Android
Monetization Strategies
API Integrations
BLE Integration


Web & Mobile Optimized
Single & Multiplayer Games
2d & 3d Graphics
Educational Games


SaaS Applications
Content Management Systems
Customized Software Solutions


Shorten the feedback loop for success

When I first started freelancing, generally I'd land a project then go away and work for a month or two before sitting back down with the client to present our work. While most of the time the client was thrilled with the progress usually there was some error in direction that could have been prevented. Normally we'd need to pivot in order to re-align with the client's goals.

Today, I'm an agile developer and I bring the benefits of the agile process directly to my clients. At the beginning of a project we'll estimate how many sprints will be required then I'll work in sprints that are no longer than two-weeks long. At the end of a sprint you'll get to test drive working software. We'll review the existing build and set targets for the upcoming sprint. This way you'll be able to guide the direction of the project and make sure it's exactly what you're looking for.

Never give a freelancer 50% up front only to have them disappear for months before (hopefully) delivering the project.

Vanity Visualizer

We're hard at work developing a vanity configuration tool for use with the Scott Living line of products available at Lowes.com.

The project involves coordination between Lowe's, a 2nd agency in charge of design, and the client's team. The visitor is geo-located and pricing is presented based on their location.

Launch Beta

Healthcare SaaS

The team at MyPillCard had grown a small business servicing seniors and improving their healthcare.

Once they'd established their business processes they needed a way to automate their workflow in order to scale.

We helped by developing a back office that allows them to monitor and update a patient's medications and conditions and make automated recommendations based on real pharmacist' expertise.

Launch Website

Mobile App

CultureForce™ connects the user to local cultural events.

Currently in 15 states and spanning 50 Designated Market Areas the app is beginning it's ascent into the hockey puck growth part of their SaaS growth.

Recent Projects

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